Sony A77 II Review

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Sony A77ii Review

The Sony A77 II provides an upgrade just about across the board compared to the initial “Mark I” model, particularly with regards to the device, image processor and autofocus system. The A77 II keeps identical 24-megapixel resolution because the original A77, but the Mark II borrows the updated, well-regarded device from the Sony A6000. as well as a quicker BIONZ X image processor, the newer model contains a wider ISO vary up to ISO twenty five,600. The A77 II gets a considerable upgrade to its optical device system, going from nineteen points to a large seventy nine, that cowl regarding 400th of the frame. Couple that with some blazing performance specs, as well as a special 12fps continuous burst mode with continuous AF, and therefore the A77 II is shaping up to be terribly all-around camera, with a selected nod to sports and action photographers.

Outwardly the Sony A77 II is incredibly almost like the initial three-year-old A77 model – if it ain’t bust, do not fix it looks to be the approach here. The A77 II dispenses with an optical viewfinder in favour of an electronic version, and uses a hard and fast semi-translucent mirror rather than the moving non-translucent mirror of a DSLR. The translucency of the A77 II’s mirror means enough light-weight will have it to the device to permit it to stay fastened in situ at all times, with the flexibility to replicate a number of the sunshine onto a phase-detection auto-focus array that sits within the prime of the A77 II body. this mix means the A77 II offers full-time DSLR-like focusing speeds, even throughout video, and a wonderful Live read system with 100% scene coverage associate degreed an amazingly quick continuous shooting rate of 12fps, while being physically smaller and lighter than a comparable DSLR.

Measuring 142.6 mm × 104.2 mm × 80.9 metric linear unit and deliberation 647 grams, the Sony A77 II is identical in size and weight to the older A77. The magnesium-bodied A77 II is meant to be a premium, change of magnitude various to the a lot of consumer-targeted Sony interchangeable lens cameras, and in terms of its size and construction it positively fits the icon enthusiast bill. The A77 II may be a terribly solid little bit of kit with build quality that surpasses rival DSLR cameras within the same worth vary, being created to face up to most conditions because of all the ports, doors and controls being weather-sealed.

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The Sony A77 II will shoot full-resolution twenty four.3 megapixel photos at up to 12fps for up to fifty three extrafine JPEG, sixty fine JPEG, 26 RAW, or twenty five RAW+JPEG frames while maintaining continuous machine focus, an imposingly quick rate for such a comparatively cheap camera. to realize the complete 12fps you would like to line the exposure mode dial to the dedicated burst mode, that locks the exposure at the beginning of the sequence and mechanically sets the aperture at either f/3.5 or quicker (depending on the lens fitted). the quality Continuous Advance drive mode provides a burst rate of 8fps or a lower speed of 3fps with the flexibility to alter the exposure as needed between frames and therefore the aperture to any price, capturing up to fifty six extrafine JPEG, seventy five fine JPEG, 28 RAW, or twenty six RAW+JPEG frames.

The A77 II options an imposingly adjustable rear 3-inch lcd with one,228,800 dot resolution. this is often bracketed in 2 places and may be atilt down then swivelled to the left and all over 270 degrees, and may even be flipped around to face inward to assist defend it from scratches and higher than the camera facing forwards for selfies. The A77 II conjointly contains a clever eye level device that switches off the rear screen’s data show as you bring your eye near the wonderful optical viewfinder, and a facility that mechanically flips identical show through 90° do you have to flip the camera on its aspect to shoot in portrait fashion.

One advantage that the Sony vary still maintains over either Canon or Nikon is that the A77 II options intrinsical device shift image stabilization, therefore no need to pay further on specialist lenses to assist combat camera shake. On the Sony A77 II light-weight sensitivity stretches from ISO fifty all the far to ISO twenty five,600. Sony’s long-standing D-Range Optimizer and HDR functions facilitate to even out tough exposures, for instance wherever a bright background would commonly throw the foreground into deep shadow.

The A77 II will record 1080p HD 1920 x 1280 element movies at either 50fps or 25fps (PAL), or 60fps and 24fps (NTSC) within the AVCHD format, or 1440 x 1080 pixels at 30fps/25fps within the MPEG-4 format, helpful as this format will presently be shared a lot of simply. there is conjointly a 640 x 480 VGA mode at 25fps, however no 720p mode. there is a limitation of up to twenty nine minutes, or nine minutes if SteadyShot is turned on, for the AVCHD format, and a 2Gb file size for MP4 video. Stereo sound with sixteen steps is recorded throughout video capture, and you’ll be able to work an facultative external stereo microphone to any improve the standard. The HDMI port permits you to output uncompressed footage to an external device or to attach the A77 II to a high-def receiving system, however provided that you get the facultative HDMI mini-cable. wonderful image quality, particularly lower ISOs; Improved high ISO performance once victimization RAW, superb dynamic vary, high-resolution pictures, in no time single-shot autofocus, 12fps burst mode with C-AF, smart price for its category.


Lackluster continuous AF performance; robust NR process in high ISO JPEGs; Sluggish buffer clearing; Short battery life compared to most DSLRs; Joystick management straightforward to press accidentally.

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Price and Accessibility

Available from june 2014, the Sony A77 II debuted with rating at US$1,200 body-only, or US$1,800 with a Sony DT 16-50mm F2.8 SSM constant-aperture camera lens. Current body-only and kit rating have born recently by relating to US$300.

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