Fujinon XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 R LM OIS Review

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Fuji 18 55 Review

The Fujinon XF 18-55mm ƒ/2.8-4 R lm ois is Fujifilm’s initial zoom lens for the X-mount, it is also Fujifilm’s first optically-stabilized lens. whereas 18-55mm could be a common range for APS-C kit lenses, the variables aperture of ƒ/2.8-4 is uncommonly brightly.

The X-mount lens can only mount to Fujifilm compact system cameras with sub-frame (APS-C) sensors. Thus, for this specific lens, it’ll exhibit a good distance of 27-84mm.This lens is not a ”constant” lens, in this as you increase the distance, the utmost aperture size decreases, although the minimum aperture remains at ƒ/22. The lens is available currently with a petal-shaped lens hood, takes 58mm filters, and retails for around $700.

The Fujinon 18-55mm lens is astonishingly sharp, and appears to be label for its best performance in its wider apertures. Used wide open, the lens performs okay (there are terribly sharp pictures to be had at 35mm and its widest setting there, ƒ/3.6). If there is any doubt regarding that distance to decide on – 35mm is it, because the lens is systematically sharp from ƒ/3.6 through to ƒ/11.

Other apertures are somewhat a lot of variable. At the broader finish, 24mm is incredibly smart once used wide open; stop method down to} ƒ/4 and it’s nice all the way through to ƒ/11. 18mm and 55mm are somewhat a lot of variable: performance remains superb, simply almost as nice as we note at 24mm and 35mm. Diffraction limiting begins to line it at ƒ/16, with a small impact on overall image sharpness, and ƒ/22 shows moderately soft results.


whereas our take a look at results show some vital impact with reference to optical aberration, watching the sample pictures, i might be onerous ironed to explain it. If it’s anyplace, it might be within the extreme corners.

Fuji 18-55 Review

Shading (”Vignetting”)
There is solely a small quantity of corner shading for the 18-55mm Fujinon, which is at the 18mm setting: even then, the acute corners are solely a quarter-stop darker than the middle. this is often terribly near negligible.

Distortion results are astonishingly smart for a kit zoom lens, suggesting that there’s some correction happening below the hood with the X-E1. At the wide finish, there’s solely slight barrel distortion (+0.3%), and even less cushion distortion at 55mm (-0.1%). there’s a pleasant purpose of parity at 28mm, wherever there’s primarily no distortion.

Note: It ought to be noted that the X-E1, our Fuji take a look at camera, will feature in-camera correction of CA, vignetting and distortion, and it is important to notice that our results here were taken from RAW files. However, once born-again with Adobe Camera Raw, because it our usual procedure, ACR carries over these in-camera corrections. it had been solely by changing constant RAW pictures with DCRAW (which doesn’t convert the photographs with these corrections) that we were ready to make sure this.

fuji 18-55mm

Autofocus Operation
The Fujinon 18-55mm uses an electrical autofocus system, that is incredibly quick. the look is fly-by-wire, therefore there’s no direct association between the focusing ring and therefore the autofocus system: autofocus results are terribly fast, and near-silent. hooked up 58mm filters won’t rotate.

The 18-55mm kit lens is not nice for macro, providing simply 0.08x magnification at 18mm, and 0.15x magnification at 55mm. The minimum close-focusing distance may be a foot at 18mm, and 18 inches at 55mm.

Build Quality and Handling
The Fuji XF 18-55mm ƒ/2.8-4 R lm ois may be a well-built lens, harkening back to the times of metal measuring instrument cameras. It’s tiny and it is not all that significant (just below twelve oz), rough-textured in an exceedingly fabric black end. The lens options optical image stabilization, that is activated or deactivated with an infatuated ”OIS” switch.

There are 3 rings for this lens: a zoom ring, a focusing ring, and an aperture ring, one thing of a rarity in trendy digital cameras. The aperture ring sits nearer to the lens body, around 3/8” wide, with click-stops between aperture settings. The lens options a selector that permits the user to settle on between auto-aperture mode, or manual aperture choice (you simply have to be compelled to bear in mind that the “A” stands for Automatic, not aperture).

fujifilm 18 55

The zoom ring 3/4” wide, fabricated from metal or a dense plastic, with long ribs running parallel to the length of the lens. The zoom action is incredibly sleek, going from 18mm to 55mm in an exceedingly cardinal degree flip, with solely a minor quantity of force needed to transition between focal lengths. The lens extends because it is zoomed out, adding simply over an additional in. to its overall length. Zoom creep wasn’t an element in our testing with this lens.

The focusing ring is regarding 3/8” wide, made of polycarbonate with deep grooves that supply glorious tactile feel. The X-Pro camera construct uses a fly-by-wire in its lens focusing technique, that the focusing ring isn’t really directly connected to the lens parts in a mechanical method. Rather, turning the focusing ring moves the weather electronically. In observe this suggests the focusing ring can flip forever in either direction, and you may have to be compelled to believe the readouts to understand if you have got reached minimum or most focus.

There are not any distance scales or depth-of-field info on the lens, but the X-Pro one offers a distance scale on its lcd or view finder readout. The petal-shaped lens hood is formed of plastic and attaches via normal bayonet mount. The hood is one 1/2” long, adding regarding one 1/8” of length to the lens once hooked up.

fuji xf 18 55


Fujifilm has done o.k. with this lens, creating it over ”just” a kit lens, and maybe justifying its relatively hefty tag. only if the lens is out there in an exceedingly kit with Fuji X-mount camera bodies, this is not essentially a factor: but if you are a prime lens shooter probing for one thing a trifle more convenient, you probably will not be discomfited with the 18-55mm.

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