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canon sx600 review


Canon’s PowerShot digital cameras are with us for a scarcely-believable eighteen years, and whereas the SX600 HS isn’t meant to be the new flagship model at intervals the vary, it still packs quite punch. Despite compact 103.8 x sixty one x 26mm dimensions, Canon has managed to cram in AN 18x optical lens with a 35mm-equivalent distance vary of 25-450mm. fortunately lens-shift Image Stabilisation is enclosed too, that combined with the sensor’s most ISO 3200 sensitivity ought to guarantee sharp shots at extreme focal lengths and in low lightweight. The Canon PowerShot SX600 HS’ device itself could be a 1/2.3” back-illuminated, high sensitivity CMOS device with 16-million effective pixels and is paired with Canon’s aging however capable DIGIC 4+ image processor. There ar lots of options to play with too, just like the artistic Shot mode that captures a regular image and 5 conventionalised variations. Hybrid car mode mechanically captures a 4-second movie before every shot and combines the stills and video into a image. you also get Wi-Fi property for wireless pictures sharing and remote camera management, and every one for around £199.99 / $249.99 / €209.00.

Ease of Use

Whilst it should be full of tech, initial impressions of the Canon PowerShot SX600 HS aren’t particularly ennobling. wherever some compacts cameras sport tactile metal casings, Canon saves the luxurious rummage around for its IXUS offerings. Instead this PowerShot needs to manage with AN all-plastic construction, however it will feel solid well created. tiny|alittle|atiny low} rubber ridge on the front and a raised section at the rear build the camera surprisingly simple to carry for what’s otherwise a sleek form that’ll slip simply into a pocket or small purse.

canon powershot sx600 hs review

It’s maybe to a small degree unsatisfying that you just don’t get a touch-sensitive screen, but the standard three.0” show will the work well. It’s bright with tight distinction and nice viewing angles. The 461k-dot resolution is nothing to write down home regarding, however it isn’t a deal-breaker either.

Alongside the screen could be a 3-position switch that selects between car, artistic Shot and Hybrid car modes. For traditional shooting you’ll have this set to car mode, however switch to artistic Shot mode and also the camera shoots six pictures in an exceedingly burst. the primary is an unmodified photograph, however the remaining 5 ar tailor-made by the camera with totally different side ratios and color effects thus you’ll be able to decide the funkiest version afterwards. Flick the mode switch up to the Hybrid car setting and also the SX600 HS operates as traditional, but rather than simply snapping pictures, it discretely captures an incidental 4-second video too. The ensuing footage and stills ar then unified to create a video and photographic image of your day. It’s a neat trick that’s somewhat just like the Zoe feature on some HTC smartphones and can either be a love-it or forget-it feature.

Moving down the Canon PowerShot SX600 HS’ rear panel we discover decent-sized buttons to regulate playback and video, and a dedicated button to engage the camera’s Wi-Fi mode. merely install Canon’s CameraWindow app on your mobile device and hook up with the SX600 HS’ wireless hotspot and you’ll be able to wirelessly transfer photos from the camera or management it remotely if you fancy some stealing shooting. The system is slightly laggy, however we tend to found the connection to be stable and image transfers comparatively fast.

Atop the Canon PowerShot SX600 HS is that the acquainted zoom ring skirting the shutter unharness. as luck would have it the zoom ring has 2 speed settings, thus you’ll be able to move it to a small degree to create fine focal length changes, or provides it the complete twist for a fast zoom. At the other finish sits the popup flash. You’ll got to manually eject the flash employing a switch aboard, however this will eliminate any chance of the flash going off mechanically once you’re not expecting it.

Power up the SX600 HS and it springs into life in a fraction over a second and you’re greeted by a simple if slightly dated on screen show. The comparatively low screen resolution is most apparent once viewing these icons or the menu, however all the data you need remains easily legible. The menu interface is also easy and fast to navigate, with the Func/Set button displaying most common shooting choices

When you’re able to snap a trial, the Canon PowerShot SX600 HS doesn’t waste any time in autofocussing and is faster to seek out its mark in low lightweight than you’d expect for a mid-range snapper. The system will get confused once shooting a macro subject that doesn’t occupy a lot of of the frame, but otherwise you’ll be able to leave the camera in car mode safe within the knowledge it’ll focus quick and accurately. On the subject of macro focusing, a 5cm-minimum focus distance is none too shabby, but it’s conjointly no match for many competitive cameras boasting 1cm macro modes.

canon sx600 best price canon powershot sx600 reviewcanon sx600 camera

The SX600 HS is also a little of a speeder once it involves continuous shooting. Sure, its 3.9fps capture rate isn’t specifically blistering, however in contrast to many compact it won’t add the towel once a few of shots and slow to a snail’s pace. betting on the speed of your memory card the burst rate can eventually deteriorate, however we tend to found the camera unbroken on shooting a minimum of 2fps. Drop the recording resolution to 4MP and you’ll be able to conjointly delight in a fast ten.5fps shooting speed. in fact if all this still isn’t quick enough to record the action, there’s perpetually Full HD video capture.

When you’d prefer to get artistic the Canon PowerShot SX600 HS delivers a modest however helpful vary of effects. There’s those artistic Shot and Hybrid automobile modes mentioned earlier, however if you dig into the shooting mode menu you’ll conjointly notice effects like fish-eye and shrinking distortions, and a present toy camera retro look. These ar mixed in with regular shooting modes that conjointly includes a helpful good Shutter operate which can mechanically snap your shot once the camera detects a smiling face. Switch to the My colors menu and you’ll be able to set all shots to be mechanically recorded with increased color saturation, sepia tones or in monochrome.

Less funky but no diminished is that the SX600 HS’ battery life. It’s 290-shot lifetime is on the great facet of average, however if you’re set to be aloof from the charger for a few time, activating Eco mode will eek this dead set a formidable 430 shots-per-charge. This modest thirst for power is primarily achieved by dimming the show when simply some of second’s inactivity, and turning it off altogether shortly later on. Pressing any button can restore life instantly although. The impact is very sort of a start/stop system on a modern automotive and doesn’t appear to possess any downsides, providing you don’t have to wait over many seconds to require your shot.

Image Quality

All of the sample pictures during this review were taken exploitation the sixteen megapixel SuperFine JPEG setting, which supplies a median image size of around 8Mb. The SX600 HS produces terribly pleasing pictures for a camera with a reasonably modest tag. Detail is crisp across the frame and isn’t as vulnerable to noise reduction smoothing as several cameras with equivalent sized sensors. Consequently fine details in landscape scenes ar well maintained and don’t get smudgy into a esthetic mess as is only too common with cameras during this sector. Bright, punchy color replica adds to the attractiveness, as will the unflawed exposure metering and reliable white balance.

Optically there’s some distortion (purple fringing) visible in high-contrast areas, but it’s seldom distracting. Despite its goodly focal length vary, the lens conjointly fares well within the distortion department, with solely a touch of barrel distortion at wide angle and no noticeable cushion impact once zoomed in. Corner sharpness is fairly sensible, although detail isn’t quite as crisp as within the centre.

With such a formidable performance it’s a shame the SX600 HS’s image noise levels let the facet down. read shots taken at ISO four hundred and below at full image size and you’ll see fine grain, however this can be a typical attribute of cameras packing a 1/2.3” sensor. What’s less excusable is that the level of color speckling visible once you crank things up to ISO 800. By ISO 1600 the matter is obvious even once viewing pictures at 500th or smaller, and detail has taken a flip for the worst too. This isn’t to a fault obvious in our ISO image quality take a look at shots, therefore look at the indoor sample pictures to see the matter for yourself. It’s not severe enough to render such shots unusable, however it’s still a pity the camera is inferior by several of its rivals during this space.

These problems also show up in video recordings, that despite being Full HD resolution aren’t quite as crisp as you’ll expect. Indoor recordings show some noticeable image noise, though it’s price remembering that lots of compact cameras at the worth purpose suffer identical video capture flaws.


The Canon PowerShot SX600 HS’ lens can focus as shut as 5cm. That’s not too special given the 1cm minimum that a lot of compact cameras currently deliver the goods, however at that vary a camera can usually forged a shadow over your subject.


There’s plenty to love regarding Canon’s latest midrange travel-zoom compact. The Canon PowerShot SX600 HS could be a piece of cake to work because of easy menus and wise controls, and autofocusing, exposure metering and automobile white balance all perform laudably.

The camera’s further options ar alittle of a smorgasbord although. Sure, the Wi-Fi works well and also the Hybrid automobile and inventive Shot modes ar definitely pretty great, however we’d wager a panorama mode and correct multi-shot HDR capture would be a lot of helpful.

Optically the Canon PowerShot SX600 HS is robust because of its helpful zoom vary and least distortion. but the $64000 performance highlight is its image quality in sensible lighting. spectacular detail, color replica and dynamic vary mix to create pictures that ar regarding as clear as you’ll notice from a camera employing a 1/2.3” sensor. If solely a similar might be said for shots taken in variable resistor lighting although. while grain noise isn’t too severe at ISO 800 and higher than, the amount of color speckling is perceptibly more than several similar cameras.

canon sx600 black review

Unfortunately for the SX600 HS, there’s faraway from a shortage of comparable travel-zoom choices out there. makers ar queuing up to tempt you with ever-smaller compact snappers with ever-larger zoom ranges. Samsung’s WB800F, Fuji’s FinePix F900 EXR and Nikon’s Coolpix S9500 ar simply many alternatives which supply similar specs for similar – and infrequently less – cash than the SX600 HS.

Consequently any weakness in a camera during this category goes to depart it liable to various highly-accomplished rivals. therefore if you’re a moralist for tight low-light image quality, contemplate the competition. Otherwise, if you’re when a simple to use camera with a flexible zoom vary, spritely performance and above-average image quality in sensible light; the Canon PowerShot SX600 HS ought to be high on your place.

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