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canon eos 70d review

The Canon 70D has been replaced by the Canon 80D, that attained our high choose for Best Intermediate DSLR in our 2016 Camera of the Year awards. The Canon 80D sports a higher-resolution 24MP sensor, a faster processor and a beefed-up 45-point AF system, still as brings over the superb twin constituent CMOS AF technology from the 70D.

The Canon 70D could alright have started a revolution with AN innovative autofocus system that is new not just for Canon DSLRs, but additionally for the camera trade as a full. due to its twin constituent CMOS AF system, the Canon 70D — a replacement for the three-year-old 60D — may amendment the approach you shoot each video and still pictures.

At the heart of this innovation is that the Canon 70D’s image sensor, a 20.2-megapixel APS-C-type CMOS chip that is been designed to accommodate on-chip section detection — but with one vast distinction. To date, on-chip section find systems have provided however a few of focus points scattered across the sensor’s surface. With the Canon 70D, nearly simple fraction of its extent at the middle of the frame can give phase-detect AF, and not simply at a handful of locations — we’re talking section find at each single constituent.

And unlike typical hybrid systems that use section find merely for a ballpark distance and direction to focus, then fine-tune with contrast-detect AF, the Canon 70D’s on-chip section find is correct enough that standardization with distinction detection is not necessary. that’s vast news for video capture, as a result of it suggests that no a lot of searching round the purpose of focus. With the AF fluff gone, regular video becomes a way a lot of exciting proposition, lease you quickly and swimmingly guide your viewers’ attention between subjects while not distraction.

Canon 70D Specs Is Canon 70D Full Frame canon 70d body

The new image sensor does not simply drive the fully new optical device system; in addition, its resolution has been hyperbolic slightly over the Canon 60D’s. sensor size is unchanged, however Canon has hyperbolic the active imaging space of the sensor slightly, from 22.3 x 14.9mm to 22.5 x 15.0mm. this suggests that, though constituent pitch has been reduced, the distinction is not as nice as you would possibly otherwise expect. A synchronous switch to Canon’s new DIGIC 5+ image processor any aims to tame image noise.

The net result’s that, in keeping with Canon, the 70D can manufacture noise levels that are roughly on par with the lower-res 60D for raw shooting. Meanwhile, the corporate says that JPEG shooters can see a “huge improvement” in image quality. To keep a copy that claim, the ISO sensitivity range has been enlarged to comprehend everything from ISO a hundred to twelve,800 equivalents, with the power to expand sensitivity as high as ISO twenty five,600 equivalent. any in our review we’ll see if the camera live up to those guarantees.

canon eos 70d review

The new image processor additionally yields a major increase in burst shooting performance, that is currently rated by Canon at a full seven frames per second. Canon has talented the Eos 70D with a new body that is simply slightly smaller, whereas retentive an equivalent side-swiveling lcd monitor, and packing in many new options. These embrace a touch-panel overlay on the lcd monitor, constitutional Wi-Fi wireless networking property, a stereo electro-acoustic transducer, and also the same Live read management seen on alternative recent Canon SLRs. And supplementing the new on-chip section detection system, there is additionally a new dedicated autofocus sensor, a twin of that employed in the Eos 7D.


Image quality only improved slightly over 60D; Dynamic vary still lags behind competitive models; might not feature enough upgrades to persuade individuals to improve from 60D.

canon 70d video specs

Price and Convenience

Available since september 2013, the Canon Eos 70D is priced at around US$1,200 body-only. 2 kit bundles are offered: one with the 18-55mm stm lens for US$1,350, and another with the 18-135mm stm lens for US$1,550. an infatuated 70D battery grip is also out there for US$270.

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