Canon 5D Mark III Review

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canon 5d mark iii review

The Canon 5D Mark III could be a true “superstar” camera, with spectacular capabilities for both still and video shooting. It suits the wants of comfortable amateurs and working execs equally well, and while its resolution is merely terribly slightly higher than that of the 5D Mark II, the Canon 5D Mark III offers so many enhancements over its predecessor that it will be an easy upgrade call for many 5D Mark II owners.

Though Canon makes many excellent digital SLR cameras for execs and shoppers, none has reached the maven standing of the Canon 5D series. the initial 5D’s twelve.8-megapixel full-frame sensing element created legendary image quality, and therefore the 5D Mark II raised the resolution to twenty one.1 megapixels and accessorial very good video quality to the combination, making a sensation in video production. The Canon 5D Mark III raises the sport in terms of overall camera performance, from frame rate to optical device, whereas increasing the resolution only slightly (by simply over a million pixels to twenty two.3-megapixels). Of all the extra options, probably the most necessary is that the new optical device system, brought over from the 1D X, that additionally to having a lot of points (61) and more cross-type points (41), covers significantly a lot of of the Canon 5D III’s image space, whereas the AF system of the past 2 models were brought over from the company’s APS-C cameras, therefore covering a lot of less image area in the optical device.

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Other additions embrace a DIGIC 5+ processor, that is claimed to be seventeen times more powerful than the DIGIC four processor within the 5D II. The 7D’s 63-zone dual-layer metering system reappears within the Canon 5D Mark III, rather than the 1D X’s one hundred,000-pixel RGB sensing element. We’ll reconsider the opposite features in additional detail below, however the Canon 5D Mark III conjointly includes a one hundred fifty,000-cycle shutter rating; a brand new HDR mode; Full HD, 1080p video at twenty four, 25, and thirty frames per second; a three.2-inch, 1.04M-dot LCD; a brand new CMOS sensing element with higher sensitivity associated associate eight-channel readout that permits a 6-frame-per-second frame rate; a fast management dial that has bit capability for silent changes whereas in video mode; multiple raw image sizes; one00-percent optical device coverage with an adjustable LCD grid and AF overlay; a 1.5 % spot meter; a dual-axis leveling system; and customary or Quiet operation modes.

The size and shape of the Canon 5D Mark III is comparable to the Mark II, solely to a small degree heavier. The grip is sized right for the camera body, although somewhat giant for tiny hands; it match my medium-sized hands well. Canon specs the weight at thirty.3 ounces (860g) body solely. That’s 1.7 ounces (50g) heavier than the 5D Mark II. Dimensions area unit half-dozen.0 x 4.6 x 3.0 inches (152.0 x 116.4 x 76.4mm). solely height and thickness have increased a millimeter just about.

Canon D5 Mkiii Canon 5D Mark 111 Mark Taper Imaging

Two minor parts area unit moved on the front of the Canon 5D Mark III: the Infrared port is now on the grip (where you will find it on most each different Canon digital SLR with the feature), and therefore the Depth-of-field preview button has rapt to the grip-side of the body. The Self-timer lamp moves up to its usual position, and therefore the monaural electro-acoustic transducer moves from below to higher than the Eos 5D emblem.

The top deck includes a Mode dial with the Auto+ mode, combined from the inventive motor vehicle and inexperienced Zone modes on the 5D Mark II. The 5D Mark III’s power switch juts out from below this dial, because it will from the Canon 7D also. conjointly from the 7D is that the Multi-Function button behind the Shutter button. Canon has remapped the standing LCD.

The management cluster on the rear of the Canon 5D Mark III resembles the 7D more than the 5D Mark II. Even so, keeping with Canon tradition, several buttons have shuffled around, and new ones appeared. Menu and information buttons area unit well-placed on the higher left aspect of the LCD. 5 buttons left of the LCD area unit inventive vogue, a brand new Rate button, a Zoom button, and eventually the Playback and Delete buttons. instead of silkscreen the brand next to the button, Canon’s eliminated the doubt and place the brand right these buttons. Lower left of the LCD area unit 3 holes for the speaker, and atiny low window for the close light-weight sensing element, wont to mechanically change the LCD backlight.

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Right of the LCD the controls area unit nearly all 7D, aside from the new, a lot of logical position of the short menu button, simply higher left of the short management dial. The show Record/Live read management includes a switch to pick between modes, and a button to either begin and stop show recording or to start out and stop Live read mode. the short management dial turns with its traditional coarse click stops, however in show mode it conjointly responds to the touch for creating silent changes whose noise will not seem within the audio track.

The LCD itself could be a 3:2 ratio style that is even as beautiful as recent models are, with a 1.04-million dot array. The thumbgrip on the correct could be a very little higher than on the 5D Mark II, with a lighter taper down the length of the rear, instead of a straightforward arc that did not match the contours of the thumb. Superb still and video image quality; Powerful, fast, and accurate AF system with numerous cross-type points, numerous configurability and nice frame coverage; Rugged, weather-sealed body with nice management layout and user-interface configurability.


Dynamic range is restricted by noise in deep shadows; Somewhat heavy-handed noise suppression and sharpening at default settings. (Shooting RAW avoids each.); No AF illuminator.

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The Canon 5D Mark III ab initio started shipping in Apr of 2012, though shipments were quickly halted whereas a lightweight outpouring issue was resolved in early units; body-only street prices in early 2013 range from US$2,600 – US$3,300, with most approved dealers hovering around US$3,000.

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