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Review Canon EOS1DX

The Canon EOS-1D X is that the latest within the company’s skilled vary of DSLRs. Its job is to interchange each the sports-orientated 1D series and therefore the high-resolution, studio-focused 1DS vary of cameras. As is common for upgrades during this category of camera, the changes square measure progressive and delicate however aim to lift the bar of what’s attainable.

The biggest specification amendment to the 1D X is its new sensing element – Associate in Nursing 18MP full-frame CMOS chip capable of shooting at twelve frames per second. This represents an enormous amendment over the 1D Mk IV (it represents a move off from the smaller APS-H format that Canon has antecedently utilized in its sports cameras), and a decrease in picture element count compared to the 1DS series. However, as Rick pudding head, Technical Specialist in Canon USA’s professional Engineering and Solutions Division says: “there’s a lot of to image quality than simply resolution.Front Canon EOS1DX

The move from APS-H up to full-frame is enabled by a sensing element with quicker information readout explains Chuck Westfall, Technical authority in Canon USA’s professional Engineering and Solutions Division: ‘The new sensing element has 16-channel, twin line readout, compared to 8-channel, single line styles within the previous generation of chips.’ This lets the corporate supply an outsized sensing element (and the low-light capability that brings) for 1DS users, with the quick capture speeds that current 1D Mk IV users want. ‘It’s clear the time has come back for the 1DX to interchange the full 1D series,’ says Westfall.

Back Canon EOS1DX

Under the skin, the large amendment is that the a lot of subtle metering sensing element. A move from the 1D Mk IV’s sensing element to a brand new one hundred,000 picture element unit affords the camera a far higher understanding of the scene and this info is fed into the camera’s optical device system to enhance the standard of its AF trailing. this is not a brand new plan (Nikon’s sports cameras have done one thing similar for many generations), however it is a wise method of up what is already a powerful system.

Canon EOS1DX

Fitur – Fitur Camera Canon 1D X

The quicker sensor and greater process power area unit combined with a replacement carbon fibre shutter and revised mirror mechanism to permit twelve frame per second continuous shooting. The camera will shoot at 14fps if you are happy to lock the mirror up (and thus lock focus), and capture solely JPEG pictures. The shutter features a rated period of four hundred,000 cycles (a half-hour improvement on before, despite the extra demands of the quicker continuous shooting). the corporate additionally says it ought to be additional correct at high shutter speeds. It additionally offers AN X-sync speed up to 1/250th of a second.

Canon EOS 1D X

At first, the move from ten to twelve frames per second does not sound very spectacular – till you keep in mind that the camera is currently based mostly around a bigger detector, thus there is a a lot of larger mirror to maneuver. Westfall is keen to worry this: ‘The high-speed rate is greatly improved. Our full-frame cameras up up to now have solely been ready to worship to 5 frames per second, whereas this will shoot at 12fps, or fourteen if you are willing to shoot JPEG. The 1D X suggests that you’ll be able to have full-frame quality and high speed.’





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